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About us


The Wolf company was founded in 1892 by Timothäus Wolf as a shoemaker's shop with shoe trade and was then continued by Hans and his brother Josef until the war.

On 11.04.1945 the whole building was completely destroyed by bombing. From 1946 onwards the great-grandparents of the present owner Rainer Wolf first sold shoes in a barn behind the pile of bombs and gradually provided a proper building again.

1960 Johann Wolf, already the 3rd generation, built up the shoe shop into a modern shoe shop. In 1981, Rainer Wolf founded Intersport Wolf in Weißenhorn and then expanded to include the Ulm (1998) and Günzburg (2007) branches. In 2006, the shoe store was transferred to the Wolf company as a whole.
In the meantime, Susanne and Rainer Wolf are the 4th generation to run Wolf.

The shops have been constantly modernised and brought up to date, such as the shop in Ulm in the Blautalcenter, which was completely rebuilt last spring and was one of the first shops in Germany to be designed according to the latest international Intersport furnishing concept.

In all branches, customers can now try out hiking shoes on a test track, for example, and in Ulm they can even try them out on a climbing wall. Footscanners have been installed in all branches as a completely new feature. Here, the customers' feet are measured and scanned, for example, before each ski boot fitting. This way, the consultants can see exactly which shoe fits the foot and can give perfect advice. For this reason, INTERSPORT WOLF also offers a fit guarantee on every pair!

Service is a top priority in all departments: State-of-the-art computer systems also ensure the perfect running and walking shoe during the running analysis. Sports insoles are individually fitted to your feet. Should a problem occur, it will be repaired in our own shoe workshop.

The departments in all shops were redistributed last year and are now much clearer, brighter and more spacious.
Here you will find various brand shops such as Esprit, Adidas, Odlo and sports shoe departments for running, walking, football, tennis, fitness, indoor and lifestyle shoes.

In the shoe store in Weißenhorn, the customers and of course above all the women customers have a large selection from a shoe fashion variety that is unparalleled. Here you will be presented with the latest shoe trends, but always with a special focus on a good fit.

No shoe is purchased without first being personally tested by the owners for fit and last.
So that you can always go through life carefree and chic. Our own shoe workshop in Weißenhorn, under the management of master shoemaker Johann Wolf, naturally also carries out shoe repairs, as well as orthopaedic shoe adjustments and insoles.

Hundreds of sports offers across the entire range are presented on a total of 3x over 800 m².
One thing is not neglected: the commitment behind every single product offer, the competent advice and exemplary service.

Years of professional experience, a motivated sales team with competence, mixed with a large selection ensures that you will find your individually suitable product for your sport or your new favourite shoe. For an optimal ski and snowboard service, a computer-controlled grinding machine, unique in Swabia, is available. Here your skis and boards are ground to the 10th of a millimetre. Here, your skis and boards are ground down to the tenth of a millimetre and then finished with a unique combination of polishing wheels. This results in significantly longer edge sharpness with even easier skiing characteristics, even on aggressive artificial snow.

Service and friendliness are written in capital letters at Intersport Wolf. Satisfied customers are the most important thing for the entire team.

Rainer Wolf also relies on the services of his INTERSPORT purchasing association.

What is actually behind INTERSPORT?

We asked and received the following answer: In 1956, 15 leading sports retailers founded the INTERSPORT association. Today, a strong 50 years later, INTERSPORT is the most successful medium-sized group of sports retailers in Germany with more than 1,400 shops. In addition, INTERSPORT is the world's largest association of independent sports retailers with around 5,000 shops in over 30 countries.

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